The infiltration of democracy by the Cancel Culture movement …


What has become of our tolerant society and liberal democracy? Self-appointed moral guardians of morality set strict guidelines that must not be questioned. Woe to him who dares to deviate from this narrow corridor of supposed virtue.


Even at the universities, the uniform opinion that has been brought up dominates!
According to a Spiegel report (issue 50/2021, page 110), the vast majority of students think, for example, that "anyone who is against any form of immigration into this country" should not teach at the universities, "believes that Islam is incompatible with of the western way of life", "believes there are biological differences in the talents of men and women".
A truly shocking finding! Because when our future elites have already accepted and internalized the mainstream dogmas generated by the media, when professors no longer dare to address sensitive issues at all, then our expensive innovation centers will mutate into stupid learning factories that, in the spirit of the cancel culture movement, will imitate society re-educate their ideas.


"Freedom I mean …"
That was once upon a time. Under the strict conditions of political correctness, further decline in our liberal culture is inevitable. The majority of society is preparing to bow to the obscure ideologies of the fanatical guardians of virtue (similar to some Islamic states). And as in the Near and Middle East, the consequences of this development will only be recognized here in Germany when it is no longer possible to turn back. Because facts have already been created that de facto undermine the civil liberties. Hitler once used this method successfully.


Prohibitions as early as kindergarten …
Re-education already takes place in day-care centres, old customs and ways of life are abolished and the conditions of foreign cultures are declared common property. You even experience this with supposed trivialities. Pork may no longer be served, for example, and products made from gelatine (such as gummy bears) are of course strictly forbidden. People often submit to the dogmas of the immigrants - at the expense of their own thousand-year-old culture.


"Germany must understand migration as a power factor."
This is the headline of a stirring essay in Spiegel issue 51/2021 (page 52). The author Naika Foroutan promotes the expansion of immigration. She assumes that there will be competition in the industrialized nations even for unqualified unemployed people and believes that there is already a labor shortage in Europe. It is reminiscent of a Greenpeace study, according to which there will probably be 200 million climate refugees in the next 30 years alone.
What happens in a cancel-culture society when such system-changing visions are published in a leading medium to be ennobled? I'm afraid that many like-minded journalists will eagerly jump on this train (it all sounds so homely, cosmopolitan and good) and eventually this strange ideology will gradually be made socially acceptable and declared common property via the state media. I've been wondering for a long time: Hasn't the "assault artillery of democracy" (formerly the leitmotif of SPIEGEL) long since become an "assault artillery of surprise democracy"? Should the population be persuaded by scaremongering and a
fake labor shortage that Germany cannot help but transform itself into a multicultural immigration country? I also think in this context Jean-Claude Juncker, who said about the EU: "We decide something, then put it out there and wait a while to see what happens. If there is no big shouting and no riots, because most people don't even understand what since it has been decided, then we will continue - step by step, until there is no turning back."


The omnipotence of the lobbyists …
How useful is it when integration and migration officers use their office totransform Germany into a multinational state? Or when, via foundations, private initiatives and non-governmental organizations (above the heads of the native population),
cities and municipalities are declared "safe havens", the colorful multicultural society is presented as having no alternative, and a labor emergency is declared despite high mass unemployment?
If a prominent SPD politician like Thilo Sarrazin already more than ten years ago with his bestseller "Germany Abolishes Itself!" warned of such a fateful development, when even the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt felt compelled to advise against an exaggerated multicultural society (" One cannot subsequently make a melting pot out of Germany with at least a thousand years of history since Otto I."), becomes clear , what great influence the multicultural lobbyists have and had. After all, they ultimately prevailed across the board. Hardly anyone dares to question their radical, insidious ideology.


Why do converts with a migration background want to make Germany part of the international public domain?
Why don't they try to reform their backward homelands? I think there is usually a much greater need for action there. The supposedly rich welfare states (which are only financed by a
glut of cheap money) are expected to offer a new home to all those "seeking protection" (in reality they are probably more likely to be those seeking prosperity). Oddly enough, the developing and emerging countries mostly do not feel that they have an obligation. They seem to think they can keep making new demands, pointing to old colonial times, and blaming the bad white man for all the hardships.


The trick with exaggerated human rights …
VMany Western governments have apparently not even noticed what is being played, how much they have lost their own freedom of action due to escalating human rights, asylum and refugee agreements and are thus unintentionally working into the hands of the rulers of the rogue states. Because the more they can conveniently deport their tiresome unemployed, dissatisfied and starving, the domestic opposition forces will be weakened. And these despots can also save themselves unpopular warnings about responsible family planning in the fight against the population explosion. The problem:The civilized constitutional states in particular feel bound by the constantly expanding human rights, while the leaders of the rogue states do not take human rights seriously at all.


What are the consequences of one-sided cosmopolitanism?
WAnyone who doesn't walk around blindly, sees (should see) what the overwhelming immigration ideology is doing. In Germany, real net wages and pensions have been falling for over 40 years, while at the same time the number of unemployed has increased twenty-fold since 1962. In the meantime, more than 40% of the residents have a migration background, and the trend is rising (just take a look at the day-care centers and schools). This is an extremely worrying development, because the influence of foreign cultures is growing day by day. It is more than negligent to continue to stimulate this trend with ever new demands, integration officers, lawyers and "aid organizations". As long as the German (Western) dominant culture is largely preserved, all of this may still work. But when criminal milieus (clans) and intolerant and misogynistic ways of life become established in our society, it becomes dangerous. In any case, I wouldn't like it if Germany developed step by step in the direction of an Islamic state. Why does an immigration ideology have to be considered unalterable or absolutely necessary in Germany, which is classified as completely absurd in almost every country in the world? Only rarely does the proportion of immigrants exceed the 5% mark in other countries.

Note: The hardliners of the Cancel Culture movement like to label anyone who views the creeping change of population with suspicion as primitive, yesterday's xenophobia or right-wing radicals. They know very well that the criticism is not directed against the individual, but against the excessive exaggeration or overstretching of immigration. Even Helmut Schmidt, who has already been quoted, was no xenophobia, no idiot, no right-wing extremist. An acceptable percentage of migrants is certainly an enrichment for an enlightened society. But if the bow is spanned, the shot backfires, then you really breed xenophobia, which would not exist under normal conditions.


How long can the cancel culture continue to determine our lives?
For a long time now, political upheavals have no longer been initiated via federal elections and parties, but via upstream lobbyists and opinion leaders. They pretend, as it were, how the good citizen, the obedient subject, has to think. In this way, a gradual re-education of the population has been taking place for half a century. Radical ideologies have prevailed and henceforth may no longer be criticized. We owe these surprise tactics, for example, the introduction of the euro, the numerous European enabling laws (which even disempower the Federal Constitutional Court), global wage and corporate tax dumping (triggered by the ban on import duties and the open borders), the transformation into a multicultural immigration country, the growing threat to the population from pandemics, the glut of cheap money, zero interest rate policy, etc. etc.



Excuse me!
There is no equality of opportunity - even when it comes to forming opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for a simple language program for financial reasons. I hope, however, that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no major mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.
Manfred Julius Müller, 24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has approx. 90,000 inhabitants and lies on the German-Danish border)


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© The above text is the summary of a study by the independent, non-partisan economic analyst and futurologist Manfred Julius Müller from Flensburg (Germany). First published December, 2021

Manfred J. Müller has been analyzing global economic processes for 40 years. He is considered a pioneering thinker. For example, 20 years ago he called for a kind of supply chain law that obliges manufacturers and dealers to only import fairly remunerated and produced goods to Germany (finally became law in May 2021). He has also long recommended a minimum profits tax for large companies on domestic sales (Joe Biden's proposal for a global minimum profits tax in spring 2021 is finally moving in the same direction, but is far too lame and will hardly be implemented internationally). Manfred J. Müller has also been fighting for his idea of wage cost reform for three decades (gradual reduction of social security contributions with counter-financing through value added tax and customs duties).


Through decades of brainwashing, the corporate lobby has succeeded in making radical ideologies a matter of course!
Through an army of loyal politicians and sympathetic journalists and the superiority of their opinion factories, system-owned economic institutes producing desired statistics, etc., they have brought about social changes and laws that only serve their special interests. This can be seen, for example, in the development of earned income (real net wages and pensions have been falling in Germany since 1980) on the one hand and the gigantic jumps in profits on the other (such as with shares and dividends). Should it always go on like this?

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