Do doctored statistics and state propaganda form the basis of our democracy?


What would happen if government successes weren't constantly being faked using changed statistical calculation bases? How would the electorate react if statistics did not regularly signal on state television that everything is going well and that there is no reason for concern?
Could it be that if there were unfalsified comparative figures with earlier times (which illustrate the decline), federal elections would have turned out completely differently and our democracy would have been completely different?


The real income developments and the number of unemployed are decisive for the outcome of the election!
And it is tricked to the point of no longer. Because the determination criteria of the past have been changed again and again in such a way that the relegation could be converted into a success.


The hedonic calculation of inflation belittles the true extent of monetary devaluation!
The (generally ignored) hedonic calculation of inflation introduced in 2002, trivializes inflation because it counts technological advances as indirect cheapening. Even if e.g. If, for example, the price of a smartphone has increased significantly in ten years, it can push the inflation rate down sharply - because the device has become more powerful.
The inflation rate, in turn, serves as the basis for determining the development of income. The lower the officially determined currency depreciation, the higher the supposed increase in wages. Comparisons with earlier inflation data (before 2002) are misleading because of the new (belittling) calculation methods, but are still used again and again.
There are a number of other tricks to disguise the true extent of inflation.
Too low an inflation assessment has a tragic effect on the annual wage negotiations. So it's no wonder that it's officially said again and again that earned income has risen sharply in the last four decades, but at the same time it's conceded that more and more average earners can no longer afford their rent. A contradiction in terms.



Official statistics give a wrong picture of income development!
Weil neben dem bereits erwähnten Umgang mit der Inflation (der hedonischen Kleinrechnung) immer wieder neue Berechnungsgrundlagen eingeführt und entscheidende Aspekte (zum Beispiel die Senkung der Rentenansprüche) unberücksichtigt bleiben. More …


The unemployment figures are also no longer relevant!
Because more and more loopholes were introduced into which the unemployed could be "shunted" and thus relieve official statistics. Many of those affected are pushed into early retirement, while others end up in retraining, ABM measures, etc.
If there weren't all the evasive maneuvers, the official unemployment figures would certainly not have increased twentyfold since 1962, but a hundredfold.
More …
It's particularly cheeky and tricking the voters
when the labor shortage is also blatantly announced in this context.


Manipulation using the calculation period …
How to fake success even when things keep going downhill? Right, by choosing the comparison period. So you refer to the year with the highest negative values. In terms of unemployment figures, it would have been 2004 when the changeover to the Hartz IV system meant that the euphemism and deportation measures (e.g. early retirement) had not yet taken effect. But even if the maximum values ??do not serve as a reference value but instead juggle with the previous year's figures, caution is advised. Because any special aspects were not taken into account (e.g. gigantic stimulus packages on credit).


The non-consideration of currency devaluation …
The official statistics are often misleading because the gradual expropriation of the citizens (partial financing of the welfare state through the cheap money glut and zero interest rate policy) never comes to fruition. If the glut of cheap money didn't exist, all the official statistics would look very different.


"Destroying numbers where they don't belong …"
Because they often serve to spread disinformation. I noticed that again in the last few days, when many media were happily celebrating Brexit as a failure. Since numbers came into play again and again, which should prove the British decline. For example, the decline in exports and the volume of foreign trade was dramatized without even beginning to mention the positive aspects (less dependency on exports and imports, shorter supply chains).

And anyway, what does such data say about the general prosperity and quality of life of a country? Germany has been bragging about its gigantic export and trade surplus for decades. But what does it do? Real net wages and pensions have nevertheless slipped! Where are the trillions of euros in surplus, what is their purpose? Does the average citizen get anything out of it? If these high surpluses actually existed, there should have been global economic turmoil long ago. The suspicion arises that export surpluses do not exist to the extent specified. Because our state refunds the VAT on exports (so exports are subsidized), which in turn leads to gigantic fraud (carousel deals). The estimated tax damage in this regard is said to be between 40 and 60 billion euros annually.

But back to Brexit. To draw a balance after just one year is more than presumptuous. Especially since Corona hardly allows serious comparisons anyway. It was clear from the outset that leaving the EU would initially cause considerable adjustment difficulties and friction losses. A serious conclusion can therefore only be drawn after five or ten years. The question then remains whether the governments in office have honestly used the new freedom to free themselves from the straitjacket of global wage and corporate tax dumping. Or whether perhaps saboteurs were at work who were deliberately trying to prevent success (in order to revive the obsolete EU affiliation).


I therefore repeat my initial question:
Do doctored statistics and state propaganda form the basis of our democracy?
For me, the only answer to that is an unequivocal "Yes!". But of course every reader has to answer this question for themselves. I do not assume any sovereignty of interpretation. However, with the best will in the world, I cannot imagine that, given honest, meaningful statistics, there would have been such a dismal decline in the last 40 years. Then prejudices and fatal ideologies that had been fueled long ago would certainly have been unmasked and necessary course corrections would have been initiated.



Excuse me!
There is no equality of opportunity - even when it comes to forming opinions. While the capital (corporations, speculators, lobbyists, media, governments) can afford the best translators, I have to settle for a simple language program for financial reasons. I hope, however, that the text is nevertheless reasonably understandable and that no major mistakes have occurred. Thank you for your understanding.
Manfred Julius Müller, 24939 Flensburg (Flensburg has approx. 90,000 inhabitants and lies on the German-Danish border)


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© The above text is the summary of a study by the independent, non-partisan economic analyst and futurologist Manfred Julius Müller from Flensburg (Germany). First published January 9, 2022

Manfred J. Müller has been analyzing global economic processes for 40 years. He is considered a pioneering thinker. For example, 20 years ago he called for a kind of supply chain law that obliges manufacturers and dealers to only import fairly remunerated and produced goods to Germany (finally became law in May 2021). He has also long recommended a minimum profits tax for large companies on domestic sales (Joe Biden's proposal for a global minimum profits tax in spring 2021 is finally moving in the same direction, but is far too lame and will hardly be implemented internationally). Manfred J. Müller has also been fighting for his idea of wage cost reform for three decades (gradual reduction of social security contributions with counter-financing through value added tax and customs duties).


Through decades of brainwashing, the corporate lobby has succeeded in making radical ideologies a matter of course!
Through an army of loyal politicians and sympathetic journalists and the superiority of their opinion factories, system-owned economic institutes producing desired statistics, etc., they have brought about social changes and laws that only serve their special interests. This can be seen, for example, in the development of earned income (real net wages and pensions have been falling in Germany since 1980) on the one hand and the gigantic jumps in profits on the other (such as with shares and dividends). Should it always go on like this?

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